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To be able to depict and capture Welsh landscapes was a pure joy throughout my degree, having come to adore the landscape surrounding not only Cardiff but across Wales.
In each area there is particular elements which differ from each other and make a location uniquely beautiful. The pieces above show how a single square of land in Forest Ffawr can within eye view can have many different eco-systems and types of beauty depending on which angle you view it at. The same can be said for across Wales, which has a stunning a variety of eco systems, plants & weather, that has effected the landscape in unique ways. This is what fasinates me and what drives my work to explore Welsh beauty in all its unique, elegant but durable landscapes.

A Full view of my degree show exhibiton

A Full view of my degree show exhibiton

Tzarina Sykes: Myself and my pieces.

Tzarina Sykes: Myself and my pieces.




As you can see above, My exhibition space has been cleared, painted both of the floor and the walls with 3 coats on each. The pieces have been set out with a even cap and space on each side, this is to make the work centred and not have too much space between the pieces so they in turn juxtapose more effectively.


Above; the examples shown above will be the business cards shown at the exhibition. They consist of both high quality and low quality standard buisness cards:
of which there are 50+ : high quality and 250: low quality.
The higher quality business are for the exhibition opening day to make sure that people get the best overall view at the opening few days.





Through-out my degree I have been focusing on natural form but today I decided to take a different perspective. Instead of looking for inner city nature or travel to landscapes, I simply stepped out my back gate and looked at textures of doors,wall and normal city landscape. I enjoyed mixing my subject up and having some fun and the results were quite suprising.

Pentax k-30 : Sigma 70mm – 1:2:8 DG Macro
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time: 17:00

All the images I present on this blog are my own.

Artist statement:

*FForest Fawr*

A journey through natural form through Photography and observational illustrations:

Through these process’ I have explored natural form, attempting to represent the relationship between plant species and their locations. This growing fascination can be attributed to the abundance of natural beauty across Wales, having visited such locations as FForest Fawr, Cefn onn, Roath Park & Llyn Peninsula.
Each location on their own presents a perspective on Welsh landscape and its species, and through regular visits I have come to see that the locations themselves are juxtaposed through weather conditions, evolution, colour and beauty. It is through a variety of photographic methods and observations that I hope to represent this juxtaposition of ecosystems.
The aim of this has been to capturing the diversity of landscapes in a range of focal lengths, from wide angle to macro.


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